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What does MARCS stand for and when was it formed?

Mid Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows. It was formed in November, 2009 at the ARBA Convention in San Diego.


What kind of club is MARCS considered?

MARCS is chartered as a show circuit under the ARBA in District 9.

How is MARCS structured?

MARCS is composed of a board of directors.  The board consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Five (5) Directors are in charge of the geographically distinct areas of MARCS.  Members of MARCS are by association only.  Once a club charters with MARCS, all of its members are considered MARCS associate members.

What is the mission statement of MARCS?

To promote the talent, dedication, camaraderie, and ingenuity of the members of District 9 in an effort to unify their potential.  This sense of commitment and diligence will be used as a catalyst to provide the ways and means necessary to successfully bring the ARBA National Convention & Show to District 9.

Can states that are not in District 9 join MARCS?

Absolutely.  We welcome any nearby club on the east coast, Midwest, or southeast to affiliate with us.  Your help is more than welcome.

How will MARCS secure funds necessary to host the ARBA Convention?

MARCS will be holding multiple benefit shows across the states in District 9 over the next 2-3 years  These shows will be primarily specialty shows and all breed shows.  Many judges at these events will be donating their time pro-bono to help increase revenue.

How does a club benefit from becoming an affiliated club with MARCS?

Associate clubs, like the board of directors, are supporting an effort to host the ARBA Convention in District 9.  Clubs that affiliate with us will be advertised free of charge on our associations website.  When the time comes to begin the process of organizing a bid, MARCS will first look to its associate members to help fill the massive number of jobs necessary to host an ARBA Convention.  We will also be offering insurance through our show circuit to use for your sanctioned shows with us

Are shareholding options available for clubs that associate with MARCS?

The treasury of MARCS is in its infancy.  Because of this, we cannot forecast our funds half a decade from now.  We will state that shareholding is an option we currently plan to explore and will likely offer this to our associate members once the convention bid is accepted.

I have a suggestion for the MARCS Board.  Who do I speak to?

The five directors of MARCS are geographically assigned to act as a liaison between associate clubs and the MARCS board.  Please contact them to express your comments or concerns.

What is the timetable for MARCS?

The goal set thus far for MARCS is to have a bid for the ARBA Convention at the 2011 or 2012 ARBA Convention.  This would place OUR ARBA Convention in the years 2013-2014.

Where will the ARBA Convention be located in District 9?

The current preferred site for hosting the ARBA Convention in District 9 is at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.  The event will be held in the month of October.

Is MARCS an extension of PaSRBA?

No.  PaSRBA and MARCS are two completely separate entities.  The board and members of MARCS are from all over the district.  Those in PaSRBA are primarily from Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

Does MARCS have a sweepstakes program?

The primary objective of MARCS is to bring an ARBA Convention to District 9.  Those wishing to participate in a sweepstakes program should contact PaSRBA or NCRBA.


Why should an ARBA Convention be brought to District 9?

It has been over 30 years since an ARBA Convention has been in District 9. Currently District 9 is the second largest district in the ARBA.  The interest to bring this event to our backyard has been active for many years and this is a culmination of this chain of events.  With strong support from the current ARBA District 9 Director, this is an endeavor that we will work relentlessly to make a reality.

My associate club would like to hold a specialty show or add an all breed show to benefit MARCS.  How do we go about this?

The first step is to associate your club with MARCS.  Once you have associated with us, we will contact you regarding the process of hosting a benefit show.

Can an affiliated club purchase insurance?

The MARCS Board discussed options regarding group insurance and tabled this discussion until a later date while the organization focused on the ARBA convention bid and implementation effort. In the meantime, the MARCS insurance can be utilized by clubs holding a benefit show/event in conjunction with their show. For further information and to check applicability, contact Brian Bell at

Will MARCS be incorporated?

Yes, MARCS is in the process of incorporating as a non-profit in the state of Pennsylvania and will file for 501(c)3 non-profit status with the IRS.

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